Fishing Vehicles

If you love fishing, chances are you like to get out into the great outdoors. Australia has so many spots to explore but this is hard to do without a car of some sort. Especially if you want to find that untouched bit of paradise where you can throw a rod in and kick back. 

Many roads require 4WD vehicles and dirt roads may not always be suitable for passenger cars. So, people may well choose an SUV like a VW Amarok for example or at least a car with enough clearance for the potholes. The other thing to consider is the distance you drive – you can literally drive thousands of kilometres which costs a fair bit of money in petrol and mainenance.

A great solution is to let the taxman pay for your car! Through a novated lease, many people find that they can get significant benefits with their car financing – fuel is GST-free, paid pre-tax AND isn’t subject to FBT.

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